Back & Forth

(This page was created with those in mind who might have followed the link in my bio on Twitter or an old bookmark pointing to, expecting to reach my other/my old blog – which still exists but hasn’t been updated for quite a long time.)

Why it all started, I am not able to tell you, not any more. Well, at least I cannot recall any details about that February in 2009. Life had been going south all the way through the second half of 2008, so maybe it was around said time in 2009 when parts of me finally reached the bottom, in a way. Time to bring on some changes, maybe.

First I joined Twitter, and about two weeks later I published the first lines on my first blog. Did I know what I was doing? What did I expect? I don’t think I had a clue. It was all about doing something, starting over.

It was was I needed back then, maybe it is what I need right now. A couple of weeks after starting my first blog I learned about this place and created, well, another one. Great idea, of course, just another thing that needed attention. Actually it didn’t get much. Until now.

And now? I just started over today, again. Maybe it is time for a change again. I tried, no I really had to more than a year ago, which is why I created yet another blog – for a lot of reasons, different reasons. The main site itself never saw any content, but it helped me creating one or two other – things.

And now I am back again. Back and forth. Twitter, Blogspot, Twitter, WordPress, Twitter, Tumblr, Twitter – WordPress. What keeps all the weird stuff together is what made up my life, things that still/again do. Still I don’t know what to do with Twitter, but I am doing – something. Still I don’t know what to do with a blog, but I am – starting over. Story of my life, maybe.

So: welcome, enjoy what you can find!
For those you know or remember me: welcome back!


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